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Design magazines have a number of functions: they let you know what's going on in the industry, inspire you, offer advice you can apply to your own design portfolio, provide you with insights from design superstars, go behind the scenes on the biggest and most experimental design projects – all that stuff. But design magazines are also obliged to look dead cool while artfully stacked up on your coffee table.

We've picked out a selection of design magazines from around the world; titles with the best writing and photography, the coolest designs, and the top production values. We looked at big-selling design magazines that have been around for decades, and smaller, independent titles that dare to be different.

Why Magazines Design

Magazine design is a critical aspect of the publishing industry, playing a pivotal role in engaging readers and conveying content effectively. With careful consideration of layout, typography, imagery, and overall visual aesthetic, magazine design creates an immersive reading experience that captivates audiences and enhances content consumption. Additionally, well-designed magazines reflect the publication's brand identity, maintain reader interest, and contribute to a cohesive editorial vision. In today's digital age, where visual storytelling is paramount, magazine design remains essential for publishers aiming to stand out, attract readership, and deliver compelling content across various platforms.

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    It's very important that the graphics used are attractive and grabs the attention of the user. Again the graphic designer needs to get the right balance between the graphic and the content to be placed in the design
    The Graphical Image should be relevant to the topic or the subject of the advertisement. The designer should also be open to innovative ideas which can make the design further more interesting.
    Finally the design should convey or communicate the right message to the target audience and target market.